Lost in translation?

If you are doing business with German partners, if you want to sell your products on the German market, you need perfect German copy to promote your unique solution. It is true that most German business people do understand English texts fairly well. Yet, many donít and, even more important, most of them will feel more at comfort if addressed to in their native language.

In order to reach your German partners and customers, you might tend to have all your brochures, press releases, PR articles and your web pages translated into German. You might be aware of the fact that a cheap and quick translation of someone knowing German can be a dangerous mistake. So you chose a mother tongue German translator instead. Good! But you should also be aware of the fact that advertising texts, PR articles and web page content donít have to be merely translated Ė they have to be adapted for the target country! These texts aim at emotions, using pictures and allusions bound to a cultural knowledge, which is specific in every country. So, you donít only need a native speaking translator, you also need a copywriting pro!

The good thing is, you have found all this visiting my site! I am a German native speaker doing translations mostly in technical fields from English to German for many years now and having a well founded education in writing copies for product or company brochures, PR articles or web sites. One of my specialties is make dry technical stuff look sexy and appealing. Try me and get the most out of Germany for your business!

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